What is VTNG, and why?

Broadband and mobile connectivity literally put voting in the hands of millions. But centralised, conventional voting suffers from serious structural shortcomings. The advent of Blockchain technology ushers in the opportunity to redefine the industry, delivering a solution with all the advantages of conventional voting and none of the drawbacks.

At its core, VTNG is a social voting platform, allowing people to vote on events with other voters without going through a “middle man. It operates as a fully decentralised, secure solution built on Ethereum-based Smart Contracts. All votes are carried out using VTNG, our purposefully designed digital token.

VTNG is safe, transparent, provably fair, and simple to use. It’s this easy: you create a vote on one or more events, designating the minimum amount and how winnings will be split. Others join the vote (with their own event predictions). After the events end, Smart Contracts automatically calculate the winnings and award VTNG tokens based on the agreed split (e.g., winner takes all).

But beyond the basic voting mechanics, VTNG will deliver a set of industry-winning features and advantages, including:

1. Strong support for social and community-building elements
2. High simplicity to bring in casual voters, but with advanced functionality for professionals
3. Designed from the ground up to deliver viral uptake (minimising voter acquisition cost), well beyond the standard friend-get-friend referral programs
4. Support for limitless rewards and massive vote wagers (High Roller Club)
5. Powerful gamification elements (aimed at higher voter retention and engagement)
6. Privacy respect (planned support for self-sovereign ID integration, such as Civic)
7. Ready for AI-based robotisation, to improve user experience and platform profitability 8. Multi-channel experience: Web, iOS, Android (plus other platforms as market relevant)
9. Future-proof and ready to include voting content
10. Designed for rapid ecosystem uptake (e.g., open-source, third-party integration)
11. Built as modular technology components, enabling offering of near-turnkey white-label solutions with low customisation cost
12. A custom solution delivering fast processing time at a lower cost and supported by our digital token (VTNG)

Voting International Blockchain Platform